Arsenal goes forward, submits a new round to hunt for Caicedo.

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Arsenal are preparing to submit a new offer to buy the Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo. Who has been very persistent in the winter market. but not successful.

Arsenal had been keen on Caicedo in the January winter market. But time and time again, offers were rejected by Brighton. And the Ecuadorian international signed a new contract.

London World reported on Thursday that. The Gunners are ready to make another £75million bid for Caicedo, similar to what they had been rejected in the winter market.

The media said Brighton’s stance. UFABET Which had been 100 per cent firm, did not allow Caicedo in January. has changed now and ready to negotiate about moving the team

Brighton have signed Alexis MacAllister to Liverpool for around £35 million, with a contract until 2028.

Latest today (January 28), Moises Caisedo an outstanding form midfielder from the 21-year-old Brighton fence, came out to make a statement of his heart to the media. After being linked to the transfer team. “I am grateful to Brighton. I always play football with a smile and heart. And I am proud to become a Brighton record player. This will allow them to reinvest and help the club.

“I am the youngest of 10 siblings. We came from a poor family in Santo Domingo. My dream is to be the greatest player in the history of Ecuador.

“The fans accepted me into their hearts. And they will always be in my heart. So I hope fans understand why I want to take advantage of this great opportunity.” Caicedo said.