Ramsdale admits suffering relegation twice in a row

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Ramsdale admits suffering relegation twice in a row but used as a driving force until today.

England goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale insists he is in one of his best years since joining Arsenal in 2021.

The 24-year-old goalkeeper became Arsenal number one last season. and became a member of the England national team. Where he is now in Qatar to play in their own World Cup finals

Looking back a few years ago He still plays at the lower level. And was mention that he was the outpost of the relegated team. Which Arsenal pulled in for a fee of almost 30 million pounds in exchange for a contract until mid-2025

“It was a moment where I had to pinch myself if it was true or not. I talk to my family or that my wife now feels that I am in a good place with myself After going through a very difficult time before. I’m enjoying this time with hard work. And it’s like you got your reward back I’m in the World Cup right now. and it’s nothing more Work hard and try to be part of the real team.

The battle for the first-choice spot in the England national team joins Jordan Pickford (Everton) and Nick Pope (Newcastle), with the latter holding the record for the most clean sheets in the Premier League. Ramsdale with 7 games this season And both teams are also the clubs that have conceded the fewest goals in the league with 11 goals as well.

“I think of myself as having learned through many kinds of experiences. Now I’m learning the strength of being a top league player, playing in European football. Playing with the England national team.”

“Football sometimes Or many times. It’s a story fille with various emotions. And I had to live with it not too emotionally involved with it. Otherwise I’ll stuck with it. But on the other hand, it took me further as well.”

“In my football life I don’t want to relegate twice in a row. But it has already happened. But now that I’ve come here with this. It’s become a point that has made me stronger.